AWAKEN! 2020 Recordings - Rhys Thomas Awaken! Event

The Ultimate Training to Create
an Extraordinary Life of Impact & 
Purpose —

OCTOBER 1-3, 2021

Unleash Your Hidden Potential

Elevate Your Vibration

Activate true Abundance

with Rhys Thomas

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Align your Life, your Message, and your Vision,
with your deepest soul purpose! 


Use Energy Medicine techniques to activate your body’s highest potential and live a more impactful life of contribution and joy!

Explore ancient wisdom and leading-edge science to create a soul map to liberate greater fulfillment and FREEDOM in your life!

Experience Rhys’ powerful 4 step system to optimize your energy body and chakras, heal your past traumas and create a brand new future that you get to choose

Align your life and career with your unique soul purpose that is truly extraordinary

Stand up and be seen for your unique gifts and talents to create greater abundance in your life

Get ready for three enlightening days of energy healing, brain-shifting meditations, unlocking your greatest gifts, and letting your authentic self shine.

Be part of an extraordinary gathering of entrepreneurs, artists, coaches, creatives, healers, visionaries, and other deeply committed, growth-oriented people from all around the world!

“Rhys Thomas is passionate about giving you access to levels of energy and clarity that become catalysts for igniting your extraordinary power NOW — when you need it the most.”   

If you thought you’re in a mid-life crisis, Rhys will help you understand that you’re getting a mid-life CALLING that’s propelling you into something more meaningful, more authentic, and wholly true to your soul…

The double whammy — of the coronavirus wreaking havoc around the world, and your own feelings of longing for something more, something better — make this a perfect moment to re-envision yourself in your future.

In this time of radical changes, you can discover new powers and expand your deepest skills to create greater freedom and a sense of purpose, so you can live the life of your dreams.

For 20 years, Rhys has only made these deep, powerful practices available in live workshops and programs like his year-long Life Mastery Training…

Now you get to discover (in three days — from the comfort of your own home!) how to:

Use the power of the chaos of COVID-19 to launch a totally new life, career, and YOU that aligns authentically with your dreams
Gain greater clarity on your purpose, your uniqueness, and what drives and inspires you.
Release your fears, past traumas, and conditioned habits and beliefs that hold you back — so you can SET YOURSELF FREE!

Liberate a more powerful and passionate presence to let go of stress, anxiety, and exhaustion driven by constantly trying to live up to someone else’s standards for success

Clarify and develop your inner gifts to improve your career, have greater impact, and be a CHANGE AGENT IN THE WORLD

Unleash YOUR hidden powers and gifts that come from aligning your life with your soul’s purpose, not society’s idea of your purpose

Harness the dynamism of the Law of Attraction to surround yourself with people and opportunities that serve your highest good

Learn the 6 essential skills every successful person needs to master to live a life of both abundance and joy

“Awaken! was a reawakening of my soul calling me deep inside to what I had been searching for… to find the truth inside me and love who I am. It was a magic journey of self-transformation!”


“I really enjoyed this workshop. The name AWAKEN lives up to what you will experience. I experienced a validation of what I desire my life to be and felt fully supported.”

Asunta Derienzo

“AWAKEN was an amazing experience for me. I gained knowledge of who I am in this life and how I can make changes to accept who my true self is.”

Mandi Cote

“I experienced my emotions without filters and masks for the first time in my life.”

Raffaele Gianfrancesco

With COVID-19, there’s never been a more important time in your life to challenge and release what’s holding you back.

Most people get in life what they tolerate…

… then feel like a victim or a bystander in their own life, when in truth they just haven’t been shown how to apply themselves to create a soul-based life that serves them and others.

Real change comes when you feel a deep truth inside you. That’s when you stand up and say, “NEVER AGAIN!” to the pattern of just settling for less, feeling bad, living in frustration…

The path to mastery always starts with some level of discontent and feeling like there’s something missing — because that gets you out of complacency and limiting habits and forces you to make a full-body decision to challenge your fears, stress, and anxiety and live an extraordinary life that surprises and delights you every day.

COVID-19 is just that kind of catalyst…

Most people know more about what’s on their mobile phone and the latest conspiracy theory than they do about their own health, relationships, personal growth, or what they’re truly here to deliver in the world.

With the seemingly infinite options for what to do and who you can be, where do you start?


In these life-changing recordings, I will help you distill your greatness into actionable steps to connect to a deeper sense of fulfillment with your unique body, emotions, abilities, manifestation powers, and spirit.

Become A Catalyst for Growth
and Prosperity in the World !

During our three days together, where you’ll participate from the comfort of your own home, I will pull back the curtain and for the first time reveal in detail how I was able to turn my life around from being a successful workaholic, but feeling empty, living in chronic pain, and chasing an illusion of happiness… to being a role model for the new millenium, where I get to impact thousands worldwide to pivot toward a soul-deep love of their lives and what they are here to contribute. 

I used to feel awful that limited thinkers would look at my terrible “time management,” my lack of formal business training, and my way of always seeming “off the cuff” in my lectures, and that they’d judge me as “not “organized.”

Guilty as charged…  

And yet, I get more done and have a thriving business like few have. So what am I doing differently? How could I build it from scratch by myself? I will show you, and it will likely transform your life. I will show you how to play by a new set of rules — your rules.

Let me show you how you can become even more creative, connected, and productive in your life in six simple mastery steps.

When you ignite these skills, as we will in this 3-day event, you too will experience significant improvements in your health, your relationships, and your vision for a new and more empowering life.

The results of doing this work have drastically changed many people’s incomes, love lives, and their willingness to finally move from where they were to where they always wanted to be in life.

Thrive Doing What You Love to Do, and Live a Life of Greater Purpose, Joy, Fulfillment, and FREEDOM!

“This is your time”

Dear Amazing Soul,

I’m Rhys Thomas, and for the last 40 years, I’ve been driven to figure out the best ways to help people achieve their highest potential —  physically, emotionally, in their careers, and in their relationships. I’ve been driven to figure out the best ways to accelerate the process of change that lets them go — as I did — from success that feels empty and unfulfilling to lives of real contribution. As a result, I’ve helped thousands unlock the power within them to create a life and career of LOVE, passion, and fulfillment.

And my nature is to help YOU do this too — with fun and joy. I really feel — and my students attest — that I’ve found a pathway to do this that’s downright enjoyable. I’ve also found that it’s not just about achieving great results — it’s also about having a great time on the journey, so I designed this program for you to do exactly that.

This year, the world is shifting, and lives are being uprooted from what was safe in the past — so I am doubly driven to help you liberate what is truly extraordinary within you so you can thrive where others are feeling lost (and inspire them to flourish too!).

The future is uncertain, so now is the time to rebuild from the inside out. I use the latest high-performance physical, mental, and life purpose guidance, together with a one-of-a-kind array of ancient spiritual healing techniques, to show you a wholly new path to energize your relationships, your career, and your personal health in a way that becomes a catalyst for you to bring your inner gifts out of hiding so you can directly impact the lives of everyone you touch, and thrive in a new economy.

Join me, because these are the doorways to a fresh reality that we’re going to open for you in Awaken!

The Art of Peak Performance for Living a Fulfilled and Inspired Life

The art of peak performance is one of the cornerstones of my teachings. As you’ll discover, it’s the ability to let go of judgments and transform fears into FREEDOM… to become more present, alive, and to enjoy life fully.

But let’s face it: success isn’t easy. That’s why you need to develop high-level skills that will render you rock solid in your sense of self and your vision for your future. The most valuable skill you can ever develop is very likely the ability to be calm, resourceful, and to handle inevitable challenges and find solutions in the midst of crisis.

Calmness has nothing to do with how you control your outer world — that is always changing — it’s how you control what goes on in your heart and mind that keeps you moving forward.

If you are ready to create a healthier and happier life with less stress and more joy — even in the face of challenges (such as the entire year of 2020!) — you will find that mastering this invaluable skill is the key.

Experience True Success and FREEDOM!

You need to be able to achieve success that feeds you instead of stresses you. No matter how good a plan is, or how great a relationship looks, if living it doesn’t serve your deeper purpose in life, it will drain and stress you. Which takes a toll on your health, your family life and friendships, and creative output.

In the past, landing a good job that made money or staying home with the kids might have been enough for some. Today, all of us have evolved to wanting that, and more! If you’re here, you know that living  by the old rules will never fulfill you; that there is more. Let me show you how to access it daily.

This event is for you to develop these essential life skills and deep inner awareness to ENJOY GREATER FREEDOM than you’ve likely ever experienced before!

“I received some great information on energy that I didn’t already have. Love the meditations. Biggest breakthrough is gaining more confirmation on my purpose and fully embracing it.”

Danielle Vanasse

“Truly awakening. I read all the books, checked out all the gurus, but Rhys just nails it.”


“I am vibrating from the meditations and feel like an empty glass ready to be filled back by wonderful things.”

Jeff Kelley

“Rhys and the teachers at on the weekend are equipped with more compassion than anything I have ever experienced before. The safety I have felt in the room and going forward has allowed me to get in touch with my core. This work is truly transformational.”

Kshitij Prasai

“It was awesome to be in a gathering of people from all walks of life who are there to feel their totality of self in a new way, in the moment and to share it openly and fearlessly.”

Avtar Kaur Khalsa


Never before would you have had the opportunity to participate in something like this at such a low investment, with no travel costs. While the interaction won’t be exactly the same as a live in-person event (which can get pricey), rest assured that we will have a ton of fun, and you will be able to make powerful personal connections with phenomenal people from around the globe.


The idea of “life mastery” sounds hard, but everyone is wired to master their gifts and no one can master who they are not. Most just master procrastination and ongoing arguments with partners, bosses, and life. It takes the same amount of energy to master your inner gifts as it does to pretend to be the person others want you to be. 

The difference is in the energy that each produces in your life. Living the life you were born to live — not someone else’s — gives you ten times (10X!) the energy every day. 

The results of that kind of energy in your life lead to a better career, better relationships, more love, a deeper sense of purpose, and even becoming ageless.

If this sounds like what you’ve been looking for…




Under normal circumstances, intensive training of this caliber would be priced at nearly $500.00.

Travel expenses and accommodation fees might double that, or more.

To help you out in these challenging times, to ensure that you actualize these tremendous opportunities, and to make certain that you don’t become trapped by conditioned fears, we are opening up this unparallelled training to you for only $27.

We want this to be affordable in times of great challenge, so please don’t dismiss the value of this metamorphic training because of the reasonable price — take advantage of this special social-distancing rate!

Come ready to embrace the experience and it will absolutely transform your life.


ONLY $27!

OCTOBER 1-3, 2021

Connect With Like-Minded Individuals
From All Around the World!

Join our Facebook group open up just for attendees.

This will give you the opportunity to connect with like-minded attendees from around the globe BEFORE the event kicks off. You’ll be able to build relationships with fellow Awakeners who are on your path and ready to change their lives — and eager to cheer you on as you shift your reality into the life you dream of.

Additionally, Rhys will conduct live pre-event sessions to get you prepared and give you extra content so you get the most out of the event.

If you have any questions, or are wondering if this event is right for you, reach out to my team at


“I have a hard time actually putting the experience into words. It is more of a feeling that I have. A feeling that I would like to continue to have. It was a weekend of personal growth.”

Erin Zielinska

Meet the Presenter

Rhys Thomas…

Rhys Thomas has been a visionary author, speaker and trainer in the energy medicine field for over 20 years. He’s the creator of the 4 Dimensional Healing system, founder of the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Healing, and author of international best-selling book, Discover Your Purpose, which shows you how to discover and harness your Soul Profile to live the life you were born to live.


ONLY $27!

OCTOBER 1-3, 2021

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