Make your decision to
awaken to a new life now.

Are you awakening to:


be part of a community
of amazing people


spiritual and scientific awakening
and meditation techniques used
at the Rhys Thomas Institute


the sacred wisdom and courage to live your soul’s purpose and inspire others


the healer within and your
psychic powers of guidance


to let go of what is holding you
back from living your dreams, this year!

What you’ll Learn:

  • A full weekend of healing and meditations and connection
  • Free yourself from energy blocks and negative emotions
  • Become a creator of your life by directly accessing your soul energy
  • Open a gateway to your soul through you heart that cannot be closed!
  • Learn the new science and technology of energy healing and total health
  • Walk out of the weekend ready to fly
  • Find the courage within you to Live a Life with No Excuse or Apology!
  • Crystal bowl sound healing meditations and soul readings to clarify your real purpose and how to live it now

I came into the program with a kind of emptiness inside, a longing, knowing there is something more, knowing I am meant to be something unique, but not knowing how to access it… then after 4th chakra weekend when my heart cracked open—I allowed love in and saw the love from my classmates and teachers… I realized that I had tried to find me in isolation, reading books watching videos… but it can’t be done in isolation! You surrender and let yourself get direct feedback from your soulmates!

Jodi Dame

My weekend at AWAKEN gave me a glimpse of what it might feel like to be conscious, I felt an overwhelming feeling of calm, and felt insulated from the things that would normally trigger me…now I can find that space on my own.

Adrienne Shishko

Yes! I want to awaken to a new life now!

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Isn’t it time that you:

  • Stop putting off your happiness?

  • Unleash your soul’s purpose?

  • Connected with your higher purpose?

  • Find how to access inner peace every day?

  • Stop playing small and say “YES” to you!

  • Start getting younger every year?

  • Live in a tribe of people who love you and support your dreams?

I went to Awaken! and it gave me the courage to take the leap, for me!!!!

Bettyanne Romano

Attending Rhys’ event was the best gift I could have ever given myself. In the course of this one event, I began to see how, through the Rhys Method, my life could change for the better in ways that I never knew existed. Thank you, Rhys, for lighting the way to an exciting adventure of self-growth and transformation.

Rev. Bonnie H. Steinroeder

Senior Minister, First Congregational Church

Yes! I want to awaken to a new life now!

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$499 $50

The event was incredibly uplifting as well as informative for making a decision about attending the school. What you experience at the event is what it is actually like to be at the Rhys Thomas Institute. Rhys is inspiring as a speaker, and his speaking beautifully reflects his energy we students feel every weekend at the school.

Ellie McConnaughy, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist, Author, Speaker

I attended the event and was blown away! I decided to enroll in the Rhys Thomas Institute that day and what an amazing and life changing experience it has been for me.

Francesca Taylor

Administrative Assistant | Cancer Research Office, UMass Medical School

At the Rhys Thomas Institute you get to see yourself through other people’s eyes who see your soul and beauty, and their light and love begins to work its way in…  Your world will expand from the inside out!

Diane Montgomery

Yes! I want to awaken to a new life now!

Sign Up Now for the Recordings

$499 $50

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event is right for you, reach out to my team at